Basic Phrases of the Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese, which is the official language of Vietnam, has descended from the Austro-Asiatic language family. There are more than 80 million speakers of the Vietnamese language across the globe, thereby making it the most spoken language of the Austro-Asiatic family.

The Vietnamese language had borrowed words from the Chinese vocabulary and was also written using the Chinese script earlier. However, currently, Vietnamese is written using the Latin alphabet, with suitable modifications for certain letters and pronunciation. Vietnamese has linguistic affinity with certain regional languages spoken in South China, Khmer spoken in Cambodia and the Khasi and Munda languages spoken in North-Eastern India. The language also comprises of various dialects spoken in different parts of Vietnam.

Here are some Vietnamese phrases for your reference:

Basic Phrases

Hello --- Xin chào
How are you? --- B?n kho? không?
I'm fine, thank you --- T?t d?p, C?m on b?n
What is your name? --- Tên b?n là gì?
My name is ... --- Tên tôi là ...
Good --- T?t
Yes ---
No --- Không
Good morning --- Chào bu?i sáng
Good evening --- Chào bu?i t?i
Good afternoon --- Chào bu?i chi?u
Good night --- Chúc ng? ngon
Goodbye --- T?m bi?t
Please --- Xin vui lòng
Thanks you --- C?m on b?n
You’re welcome --- Chào m?ng
Excuse me --- Cho tôi xin l?i
I am sorry --- Tôi xin l?i
How much is it? --- Bao nhiêu?
Where is? --- ? dâu?
Where is the toilet? --- Ðâu là nhà v? sinh
Day --- Ngày
Week --- Tu?n
Month --- Tháng
Early morning --- Sáng s?m
Noon --- Trua
Afternoon --- Bu?i chi?u
Evening --- Bu?i t?i
Night --- Ðêm
Today --- Hôm nay
Tomorrow --- Ngày mai
Food --- Th?c ph?m
Hotel --- Khách s?n
I understand --- Tôi hi?u
I don’t understand --- Tôi không hi?u

Days of the Week

Monday --- Th? hai
Tuesday --- Th? ba
Wednesday --- Th? tu
Thursday --- Th? nam
Friday --- Th? sáu
Saturday --- Th? B?y
Sunday --- Ch? nh?t


Entry --- Nh?p
Exit --- Cu?a ra
Hospital --- B?nh vi?n
Police --- C?nh sát
Airport --- Sân bay
Bus station --- Tr?m xe buýt
Taxi stand --- Taxi


Address --- Ð?a ch?
Street --- Ðu?ng ph?
Number --- S?
City --- Thành ph?
Here --- ? dây
There --- ? dó
Next to --- Ti?p d?n
Opposite --- Ð?i di?n
Phía sau --- În spatele
To --- T?i
Right --- Ðúng
Left --- Ð? l?i
Straight --- Th?ng

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