Marketing Translation from Spanish to Arabic for a Leading Company in Switzerland

The Customer

Our customer is a leading food manufacturer headquartered in Switzerland. They also specialize in manufacturing baby food products. They were in the process of entering new markets in the Middle East. For this, they sought professional language translation services - from Spanish to Arabic.

The Challenge

This company had multiple brochures dedicated to a long list of baby food products that it manufactured. These brochures contained detailed information about healthy and nutritious foods for infants and babies belonging to different age groups, such as:

  • 0 to 3 months
  • 3 to 6 months
  • 6 to 9 months
  • 9 to 12 months
  • 12 months and above

Each brochure was a comprehensive guide detailing specific information such as "Do's and Don'ts", "How to Use", etc. There were over 5 brochures with about 20 pages each and these were required to be translated from Spanish to Arabic. This translation activity had to be completed within a short turnaround time as the customer had to proceed with the rest of their marketing plan steadily.

The Solution

We provided marketing translation services from Spanish to Arabic. To begin with, we provided a free trial of our translation work. The customer was pleased with the quality of the sample work that we provided and without hesitation decided to outsource the entire translation work to us. However, the biggest challenge was to complete the work within a short turnaround time.

Adding Value by Going the Direct Way!

Usually, most translation service providers would have first translated the brochures from Spanish to English and then from English to Arabic. This sometimes results in a slight loss of context due to the intermediate steps involved. Besides, accuracy also takes a beating. However, we had specific native translators in our translation team who were capable of directly translating the brochures from Spanish to Arabic. We selected these skilled resources and deployed them on this project. They scrutinized the brochures meticulously, chalked out a plan of action and set about the task of translation using tested and proven methods. Their expertise in this area and past experience helped in simplifying the task.

They did a thoroughly professional job and completed the task within the short turnaround time desired by the customer. The final translated brochures in Arabic were highly accurate and error-free. This also resulted in enormous cost savings to our customer. Besides, we had saved our customer from paying for two translations, i.e. form Spanish to English and then from English to Arabic. Our customer was thrilled by this value addition that we provided and the overall successful outcome of this project.

Customer Benefits

The customer was highly satisfied with our service delivery and the quality of work. The key benefits that our customer derived from our translation services were:

  • High accuracy of translations delivered
  • Error-free translation of brochures
  • Quick turnaround time expectations met
  • Huge cost savings due to the value addition provided
  • Professional project management

Our customer has expressed interest in availing our translation services again.