Technical Translation from English to Portuguese for A Leading Company in Germany

The Customer

Our customer is a leading company in the business of biometric identification systems and security control systems domain. It was planning to address the needs of the Portuguese market and required translation of its technical manuals from English to Portuguese.

The Challenge

The company markets products in the field of biometric identification systems. Each product is accompanied by the relevant technical manuals and installation guides for the end users. 14 such technical documents were required to be translated from English to Portuguese. Every document had a different word count. There were a total of 80,000 words to be translated. Each document consisted of an average of about 20 to 25 pages. The break-up of the 14 documents was as follows:

  • 1 description of a product
  • 6 installation guides
  • 1 user guide for a product
  • 6 user manuals

Our customer wanted these documents to be translated within a month's time, which is a very short turnaround time considering 80,000 words have to be translated accurately.

The Solution

We, at OutsourcingTranslation, provided professional technical translation services from English to Portuguese. We identified 4 experienced native translators from one of our international service delivery centers. These 4 translators formed a team to work on this project. They were provided all the documents that were to be translated.

The documents provided to us for translation were in a PDF format. Our team first converted them into a MS Word format before beginning the translation from English to Portuguese. The team analyzed the content of the documents, divided the content and spaced out the work to complete the work within the targeted timeframe.

After completing the translation of all the technical documents, the translated Word documents were re-converted into a PDF format, retaining the formatting of the original documents as sent to us by the customer. Special care was taken to ensure that the same font type, font size, spacing, etc. was maintained as present in the original documents, while reconverting to PDF format, post translation. This was the value addition that our team provided to the customer.

Our team of competent native language translators completed the project within the desired timeframe of 4 weeks, as per our customer's requirement. The translated work from English to Portuguese was highly accurate and error-free. The customer assessed the delivered documents and was impressed with the quality of work. He applauded our team's efforts and our professional approach. We had offered very competitive rates, which was one of the other key points of satisfaction for our customer.

Benefits to the Customer

The customer expressed immense satisfaction with the quality of our work and the manner of handling the project. The key benefits to the customer were:

  • Timely completion of the work, as desired
  • High accuracy of the translated content delivered
  • Top quality work
  • Professional project management
  • Clear cost benefits
  • Value addition through retaining formatting pattern of original documents

Our customer got more than what was expected from us and has promised to work with us on similar projects in the near future.