History of the Spanish Language

Spanish is the official language of Spain as well as 25 other nations in the world. It is also one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations.

The Spanish language is most widely spoken by 400 million speakers worldwide and is considered to be a dominant language in terms of the number of speakers. Being a vernacular descendant of Latin and the authorized language of the Roman Empire, Spanish has also been popularly connoted as the Romance language.

Spanish, recognized in Spain as 'Castellano', is the 3rd language with the maximum number of native speakers. It is the mother tongue of approximately 330 million people across 21 countries. The language has a profound influence of Basque and some Arabic impact.

Apart from being the primary language of Spain, it is the official language of all of the South American republics excluding Brazil and French Guyana; the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the six republics of Central America, Cuba and Mexico.

The Spanish language varies among countries in terms of pronunciation and usage but the regional differences are not so wide to make the language incomprehensible to speakers from different areas. There are various Spanish dialects as a result of its maturation in different regions.

Spanish emerged as the official language across most of Central and South America with the expansion of the Spanish colonies and was retained as a language of choice despite most of America having won independence from European colonizers in the 1800s. The Spanish language that progressed in each country was different from the one that was initiated from Europe. Today, the Spanish language has transformed itself into many variations owing to its vast geographic distribution.

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