Basic Phrases of the Spanish Language

Spanish or Castilian (the Spanish language as spoken in Castile) is the official language of Spain. The language is widely spoken in America, Mexico, Africa and Asia Pacific as a direct result of the spread of the Spanish empire. Most Spanish speakers are not well versed in English.

Some of the common phrases and terms in Spanish are as follows:


I --- Yo
You --- Usted
He --- El
She --- Ella
It --- Lo
This --- Esto
That --- Eso


Hello --- Hola
How are you? --- Cómo sean usted?
I am fine --- Soy fino
Good Morning --- Buenos días
Good Night --- Buenas noches
Thank you --- Gracias
Please --- Por favor


Father --- Padre
Mother --- Madre
Husband --- Marido
Wife --- Mujer
Sister --- Hermana
Brother --- Hermano
Friend --- Amigo


Come --- Venga
Go --- Vaya
Came --- Vino
Give ---
Take --- Tome
Fast --- Rápidamente
Slow --- Lento
Water --- Água
Home --- Hogar
Yesterday --- Ayer
Today --- Hoy
Tomorrow --- Mañana
Sleep --- Sueño
Breakfast --- Desayuno
Lunch --- Comida
Dinner --- Cena
Eat --- Coma


1 --- Uno
2 --- Dos
3 --- Tres
4 --- Cuatro
5 --- Cinco
6 --- Seis
7 --- Siete
8 --- Ocho
9 --- Nueve
10 --- Diez

Common Phrases

What is your name? --- Qué es su nombre?
Where are you from? --- Dónde está usted de?
What happened? --- Qué sucedió?
Please come home --- Vuelva a casa por favor
Please take your seat --- Tome por favor su asiento

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