Basic Phrases in Nepali

If you are planning to travel to Nepal, you would be glad to know you are heading to a land rich with folklore, famed for its mountainous natural beauty and of course the well-documented bravery of the Gurkha people. Nepal is a landlocked country, sandwiched between India and China, and is the youngest republic in the world.

The major languages of Nepal is Nepali and is spoken by nearly half the population; there are numerous smaller tribal languages as well. Like many languages in the Indian subcontinent, Nepali has its roots in Sanskrit and is written in Devanagari script.

Now, learn a few phrases in Nepali.


Hello, Good Morning, Good Evening --- Namaste
Good night --- Shubha raatri

Basic Phrases

Yes --- Ho
No --- Hoina
Thank you --- Dhanya baddd
Good --- Raamro
Bad --- Naraamro

Small talk

How are you?  --- Ke chha?
I am fine --- Tthik chha.
And you? --- Timi laai?
Tapaiiko naam ke ho? --- What is your name?
Mero naam (name) ho --- My name is (name)


Please bring the menu --- "Menu" lyaau nus na.
I would like a coffee --- "Coffee" euta deenus na.
With cream and sugar --- Doodh ra chini raakhera.
What Nepali dishes do you serve? --- Nepali parikaar ke ke chha?
Do you have any soups? --- "Soup" chha?
I can't eat spicy food --- Ma piro khaana sakdina.
What ingredients are in this dish? --- Yasmaa ke ke chha?
Do you serve vegetarian dishes? --- Saakaa haari khaanaa chha?
Meat --- Masu
Fish --- Macha
Mutton --- Kasi
Chicken --- Kukhura
Pork --- Sungur
Water --- Pani
Boiled water --- Umaleko pani
Alcohol --- Raksi
Juice --- Ras
Tea --- Chiya
Coffee --- Coffee


Rright --- Daayaa [tira]
Left --- baayaa [tira]
Straight --- Sidhaa
North --- Uttar
South --- Dakshin
East --- Purba
West --- Pashchim
Near --- Najik
Far --- Taadhaa


1 --- ek
2 --- dui
3 --- teen
4 --- chaar
5 --- paa-ch
6 --- chha
7 --- saat
8 --- aatth
9 --- nau
10 --- das

Days of the week

Monday --- Sombar
Tuesday --- Mangalbar
Wednesday --- Bhudbar
Thursday --- Bahibar
Friday --- Shukabar
Saturday --- Shanibar
Sunday --- Aiethbar

A few other handy phrases

I'm Sick --- ma birami chu
I need a doctor --- Malaai ddaaktar chaaiyo.
Take me to the hospital --- Malaai aspataal lagnus.
Where is the pharmacy? --- Ausadhi pasal kahaa~ chha?

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