Basic Phrases of the Urdu Language

While Urdu is widely spoken in India, it is the official language of Pakistan. Urdu and Hindi are very similar – most of the words and phrases are similar in nature. Urdu poetry is celebrated with much reverence. Numerous Islamic literature works are in Urdu.

The following words and phrases in Urdu will help you communicate in Urdu effectively.


I --- Mayn
He --- Aap
She --- Woh
You --- Wo
it --- Yay
Your --- Aap ka (male)
Your --- Aap ki (female)
This --- Yeh
That --- Woh


Hello --- Assalam-o-Alekum
How are you? --- Cómo sean usted?
I am fine --- Soy fino
Good Morning --- Buenos días
Good Night --- Buenas noches
Thank you --- Shukria
Good Bye --- Khuda-hafiz
Nice to meet you --- Aap Se Milker Khushi Hui
Please --- Bara-e-Meherbani 


Father --- Abbu, baap, waalid
Mothe --- Ammi, maan, walda   
Husband --- Shohar
Wife --- Beewee
Sister --- Behn
Brother --- Bhai
Friend --- Dost


Come --- Aana
Go --- Jaana, jao
Came --- Aayaa, aaye (with respect)
Give --- Dena
Yes --- Jee haan 
No --- Jee nahin
Take --- Layna
Fast --- Tayz
Slow --- Ahista
Water --- Pani
Home --- Ghar
Yesterday --- Kal
Today --- Aaj
Tomorrow --- Kal
Sleep --- Neend, sona
Breakfast --- Naashta
Lunch/dinner / food --- Khana
Morning --- Subaah, sawayra
Afternoon --- Sa-peher
Evening --- Sham
Congratulations --- Mubarack ho


0 --- Sifar
1 --- Ek
2 --- Do
3 --- Teen
4 --- Char
5 --- Panch
6 --- Chay
7 --- Saat
8 --- Aat
9 --- Nau
10 --- Das

Common Phrases

What is your name? --- Aap Ka Naam Kya Hai?
Where do you live? --- Aap Kahan Rahte Hain
I don’t know --- Mujhe maalum nahin
No problem --- Koi baat nahin

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